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Each limited edition Calendar costs only $15 and every penny of that $15 is going to help rebuild the Jersey Shore.

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Mail A Check: Please make the check out to Architecture For Humanity and mail to:

J. Wexler
1115 Inman Ave. Box 238
Edison, NJ 08820



The After The Storm wall Calendar was created after the great response we had from making the book (See more about book below).  The Calendar features some pictures that were used in the book paired with images taken after there was progress made in restoring the Jersey Shore.  We again paired quotes we saw fit with the images used. The Calendar itself features a unique design.  Each season is referenced by a unique color scheme on the left hand side of the page.  The name of the month is bold but takes up minimal space so that optimal room was given to the calendar squares.  Also featured in this calendar are all the holidays in 2014. Like with the book, all of the money made on the Calendar is going directly to Architecture For Humanity.  They have vowed to help rebuild the Jersey Shore and have kept good on their promise.  Please help us continue to raise money for this beloved place.  If you have any questions about an order please contact us by emailing:

  We are unfortunately sold out of books!

About The Book:

Two days after Hurricane Sandy hit, I was on the island surveying the damage to my family’s home.  I spent the afternoon walking around Seaside Heights, Ortley Beach and Seaside Park.  The devastation I saw was incomprehensible. I had my camera and started snapping pictures of everything that I saw. My office in Lower Manhattan was closed for 2 weeks due to flooding and lack of electricity and when I finally returned to work and showed my pictures to some colleagues they encouraged me to do something with the images.  I decided to make this book. I reached out to friends and family to send me a quote stating what the shore means to them or a memory of the Jersey shore.  The project quickly took on a life of its own and as the word spread about it I was receiving quotes for the book from complete strangers who were nice enough to share their thoughts/ experiences.  There are over 90 pictures most of which I took; a few others were donated by friends and they are scattered throughout the pages.  The responses were overwhelming. What You Will Find Inside The book is a compilation of images and quotes from people that have ties to the Jersey Shore and are committed to rebuilding.  It is raw emotion.  It has a simple layout with a quote on one page accompanying an image.  The quotes and images were not meant to match up but in some cases they do.  This happened naturally and is what I think gives this book a spirit of its own.  The layout is not over worked which allows all the pictures and words to carry the book.  The entire proceeds from the book are being donated to Architecture for Humanities ‘Restore the Shore’ so that we can help rebuild the beaches of New Jersey Visit the After The Storm Facebook Page

7 Responses to After The Storm Calendar

  1. Helene Hirschler Williams says:

    My one-time visit to Seaside Heights was helping a friend relive his childhood since he loved it so and wanted to share this wonderful part of his life with me. I saw Seaside Heights through his eyes and while I couldn’t experience what he experienced, I saw the true beauty of the place. My condolences to the full-time residents and summer residents alike.

  2. Alexandria Okuniewicz says:

    Awesome Alex! Sending this to everyone at work.

  3. EC Scan says:

    I clicked on this link from the SSH home page. It’s great that you are doing this and you are a wonderful artist. Having said that, I am wondering why you were in Seaside and Ortley 2 days after the storm. We have massive damage to our home that could have been saved if we were allowed back on the island 2 days after the storm.

    • awexler1 says:

      Hey EC. I also have a home there and a friend of mine has a boat over in Island Heights. We took his boat in to look at our house after the storm… I feel your pain and am really sorry to hear but what I saw was absolutely devastating. Since I had the pictures I just wanted to do something to help out.

    • Lindsey says:

      I was just scrolling through the comments on this incredible site and I couldn’t help but feel a bit of a negative or maybe i should say sad vibe coming from this post. All I can say is regardless how he got over there 2 days after sandy thank god he did because this book has raised an amazing amount of money and every last cent made from the book is being generously donated to people like you in need. To restore our shore. The people who put it together used their free time and money to make it happen and asked for nothing in return. I hope your home is fixed quickly and that we are all back at the shore this summer. God bless.

  4. Liz Swing says:

    When I saw the pictures that day of the Jet Ski in the water, I was devastated. I knew my beloved Seaside was ruined. My husband and I were just there several weeks before and now my only regret is that I didn’t go on the Jet Ski or the “scrambler in the dark”. I did go on the Casino Pier Carosel, but my favorite carosel has long since been sold off and replaced down at Funtowne Pier.

  5. Tina Simon says:

    I also was surprised you were permitted on the island as well as I wasn’t able to go home to SSH until November 12th. My car was stolen right after the storm and didn’t even know it. So I can sympathize with the above poster, but honestly I am happy to see that you are doing something great for the shore. Although I would love one of those books, having lost my rental and my car, it isn’t in my budget to buy the book. I will however share on my facebook page.

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